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Goldi Sands Hotel situated on the Negombo Beach is just 15 minutes away from the Bandaranaike International Airport and 32km from the city of Colombo. Negombo is one of Sri Lanka’s most sought after tourist destinations because of its idyllic location. Surrounded by some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches as well as the Negombo estuarine lagoon, which once was a trading port of the Portuguese and Dutch, Negombo offers visitors a variety of attractions such as the mangrove swamps with its large bird population, the old Dutch fort built in 1672 now part of the prison, the Dutch canal, old churches, the fish auction and the peaceful fishing villages.

Because of it close proximity to the airport Goldi Sands Hotel is probably the best place to start off and conclude your vacation in Sri Lanka

Attractions & Excursions

Negombo Fort

The Dutch fort in Negombo, remnants of which can be seen bearing the date 1672 is used today as a prison. Originally this was a Portuguese fort which was destroyed in the Dutch siege in 1644 and later built on where the present fort stands. It is located in a narrow strip of land between the lagoon and the sea and as history tells us, it was once surrounded by moats, large gates and drawbridges.

Negombo Fish Market

Also called the “Llelama” it is the second largest fish market in the country. Here you can see the local fishing trade in progress, observe every type of fish and shelled fish and even purchase some of your favourites to be prepared back at the hotel.


Negombo has several churches dating back to the Portuguese and Dutch era and one of the most beautiful of them is the St. Sebastian’s Church at Sea Street and the St. Mary’s Church which is considered as one of the most important structures in Negombo.

Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary

It is the island’s largest saline peat bog, its rich biodiversity making it home to a large number of species of flora, fauna, fish and birds both resident and migratory. It is the ideal place to spend a day observing nature while acquiring knowledge from the trained guides. You can also take a boat ride through the marshes and lagoon if desired.

Colombo shopping trip

Shopping in Colombo can be exciting because it has much to offer, from high end malls bursting with a variety of goods to smaller exclusive shops and wayside vendors. Here you can buy everything you desire from unique souvenirs, clothing, perfumes, shoes, electronic items to precious gems and jewellery, Sri Lankan handicrafts, tea and much more.

Whale & Dolphin Watching in Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya situated 132 km from Negombo is a popular spot for Whale and Dolphin Watching. Here you will be afforded the opportunity to see majestic sperm whales and the occasional blue whale along with hundreds of playful dolphins. You can take a dedicated whale watching boat trip that will last a few hours, feast your eyes on some of nature’s sensational creatures while taking back photographic memories.

Wilpattu National Park

Willpattu as the name says it is full of villus (natural lakes). It is also covered in steep history, Kudiramalai in Wilpattu being the place where King Wijaya from India landed in Sri Lanka in 543 BC. This 131, 693 hectare Wildlife Park is the largest and oldest in the country. It is renowned for its leopard population in addition to many varieties of fauna such as elephants, deer, sloth bear, wild boar, flora, birds and reptiles.

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